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1. Student Grade Level
  Primary [kindergarten - 6th Grade]
Lower secondary [7th - 9th Grade]
Upper secondary [10th - 12th Grade]
9. Subject Matter Areas

Biology/Life Science
Earth Science
Language/Mother tongue
Foreign Language(s)
Creative Arts (music, visual arts)

Vocational subjects
Computer Education/Informatics
Multidisciplinary projects or activities
13. Types of Activities Carried Out - Teacher

Advise or guide students
Create structure for student activity
Design and prepare instructional materials
Monitor and/or assess student performance
Collaborate with students
Collaborate with colleagues
Collaborate with actors outside the class

16. Types of Activities Carried Out - Student

Perform drill & practice tasks
Perform research projects
Search for information
Solve problems
Manipulate/interpret data in tables/charts/graphs
Publish and present results
Design and create products
Collaborate with others
Collaborate with actors outside the class
Assess own/peers' performance
Pick their own tasks

19. Technologies Used

Lap top computers
Local area network (including wireless networks) used as a key part of the IPPUT
Email, Internet, conferencing software, or listservs
Educational WWW resources
Productivity tools (e.g., Word, Clarisworks, Photoshop, etc.)
Web design tools
Collaborative environments
Photography, video, multimedia software
Simulations, Microcomputer-based laboratories
Tutorial or drill and practice software
Course management systems (e.g., Learning Space, Blackboard)

21. Kinds of ICT Practices Used

Tutorial or drill and practice software for instruction
Email or other communication tools to support communication
Web browsers or CD ROMs to search for information and other resources
Software packages to create products or presentations
Software or the Internet to support student collaborative activities
Software to perform simulations or modeling for research or experimentation
Information & Communication Technology to monitor/assess student work
Information & Communication Technology to plan and organize instruction


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