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SITES Research Projects

The IEA began its first information Technology/Computer in Education Study (COMPED) in 1986. Data was collected in 1989 and again in 1992 from school principals, computer coordinators and teachers. Students were also surveyed and tested in 1992 (the second stage). The study described and analyzed the situation with regard to the introduction and use of computers in education systems around the world.

Compared to the 1980s, when many countries were introducing an early generation of microcomputers into their schools, the current policy debates regarding technology deal with a much broader range of issues, for example, widespread adoption of the Internet and multimedia technologies. These new technologies raise new questions about the effectiveness and impact of technological applications on schooling. Are our education systems measuring up with regard to innovative potential of these applications? To what extent are there gaps between objectives and educational reality? Which innovations exist and what is the evidence of their effectiveness?

The intention behind SITES is to help answer such questions. The study will focus primarily on the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in educational practice from an international comparative perspective, and will be guided by several general questions, including:

  • How, by whom, and to what extent is ICT used in education systems, and how does it develop over time?
  • What differences in ICT-related practices exist within and between educational systems and how can these differences be explained?
  • Which innovative practices exist that may offer educational practitioners achievable new targets?

SITES consists of three independent modules: Module 1 the Indicators Module (school survey); Module 2 the Innovative Practices Module (case studies); and Module 3 the Survey Module (school, teacher and optional student survey).

SITES consists of three independent modules: the (quick school survey); the (case studies); and the (school, teacher and optional student survey).



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