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About the IEA


The International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) is an independent, international cooperative of research centers. Its Mission is to conduct comparative studies that focus on educational policies and practices to enhance learning within and across systems of education. IEA is committed to a cycle of studies of learning in the basic school subjects and to additional studies of particular interest to its members.

The following specific features distinguish IEA studies:

  1. They are conducted on an international and a cooperative basis. As such, they allow researchers and policy-makers to enter into a dialogue with and to learn from their colleagues around the world. They also enable systems of education to view more clearly their unique cultural situation from an international, comparative perspective.
  2. They focus on educational policies and practices, thereby enabling the development of a conceptual framework that clarifies issues, suggests appropriate methods of investigation and uses those analytic tools that best elucidate key factors and issues related to student achievement. IEA studies focus on student achievement in various school subjects within a context of educational policies and practices. These actions result in validated measures of educational outcomes and processes.


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